When will the Andy Carroll saga end?

ImageWhen will the Andy Carroll saga end?


All this summer West Ham have been linked with Liverpool’s underachieving striker Andy Carroll. Carroll 23, has seemed to be frozen out of the Liverpool team since the arrival of Brendan “Total Football” Rodgers to Anfield from Swansea over the summer. 


Since his british record 35 million pound move from Newcastle in the 2010/2011 January transfer window, Carroll has scored just just 11 goals in 18 unfruitful months on Merseyside. But why is Sam Allardyce so interested in the 6ft 6in striker?

Is it because he worked with him briefly when Big Sam was Newcastle manager and maybe saw something he we haven’t? or is it because he is a typical Allardyce mould of striker.

Allardyce likes to play long balls to a big, tall strong striker who can bully the opposition defenders and get on the end of crosses which would suit Carroll to the ground, but does the reported 2 million loan fee and 17 million transfer fee next season seem good value for money? In my opinion No!


With a squad that has come up from the Premier League, i feel the reported 17 million could be spent better elsewhere, considering we are severely lacking pace and creativity in our midfield, the squad looking thin on personnel and only 3 recognised central defenders at the club. Also, we already have a typical Allardyce striker in Carlton Cole so i don’t feel the need the need to spend a lot of money on the same type of player. Although i would recommend signing Andy Carroll on loan for the reported 2 million and nothing else because our type of football would suit him. To be fair to Carroll, Liverpool and Kenny Dalgleish never played to his strengths and at times he looked like a rabbit in headlights but Liverpool were daft to pay 35 million pounds for a player that clearly isn’t and i wouldn’t want West Ham to pay around 17 million for again a player that isn’t near that value.


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